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Chat rules [WOA]

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#1 odiabile



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Отправлено 30 Май 2018 - 21:39

In the game chat, the following actions are prohibited:
1.1. No harassing or insulting other players
1.2. Begging (requests to transfer real money, game values, etc.) in any form, aimed at individual or all Users.
1.3. Placement of information about the sale of resources for the Antimatter or real money, transfer or purchase of the Account, including through exchange or donation. It is prohibited to post information containing the intention to transfer, sell or purchase an Account.
1.5. Use of insults that spread hatred on racial, national, religious or gender grounds.
1.6. Dissemination of personal information of third parties, including home addresses, phone numbers, passport data, without their consent.
1.7. Placement of false information about the Game, Administration, Moderators, Users and other persons.
1.8. Extorting or extorting from users personal information, including logins and passwords from Accounts or e-mail.
It is forbidden to post information of any kind with the aim of gaining access to Accounts and personal data of Users, financial fraud and electronic fraud. Such information, among other things, includes:
  • placing links to third-party resources disguised as Xterium's official resources
  • dispatch to Users of any personal messages on behalf of the Administration and Moderators, including the offer to transfer data or install software;
  • issue yourself for representatives of the Administration or Moderators.
1.9. The placement in the Game of pornographic and erotic material or links to them. In addition to the offer of services of an intimate nature, virtual sex in the chat.
1.10. Direct or indirect propaganda of narcotic substances and alcohol.
1.11. Threats against Users, Administration, Moderators or other persons.
1.12. Placement of advertising messages of any kind. It is also not allowed to mention and discuss other games of similar themes (projects which can be regarded as competitors).
1.13. Discussion of issues of modern politics as deliberately provoking conflicts. It is also forbidden to reduce military-historical discussions to actual political topics.
1.14. Insulting the Administration or the Moderators, as well as discussing their actions in any form.
1.15. Provoking users to the violation of the rules of the game or Chat.
1.16. Dissemination of information that is directly or indirectly connected with organizations, historical or political figures, convicted by international tribunals or recognized as terrorist, socially dangerous and illegal. Among other things, violations include the use of Nazi symbols, terms and notations (for example, "SS"), as well as the names of the relevant historical figures.
1.17. Use or dissemination of information about the methods of causing damage to the Game, Administration, Users or other persons (bot programs, prohibited modes for the Game, bugs, information about the vulnerabilities of the game server, etc.).
1.18. Abuse the use of LARGE LETTERS (CAPS LOCK). (Separate words can be allocated with caps, but not all messages)
1.19. Flooding
  • Repetition of one or more similar in meaning or content of phrases more often than 1 time in 3 minutes.
  • Advertising about recruiting or joining the alliance, searching for friends and campaigning events more often than 1 time in 15 minutes.

Сообщение отредактировал odiabile: 30 Май 2018 - 21:40

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