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[UPDATE] War of Alliance 2.8.1.

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War of Alliances update 2.8.1 released
  • Armament reduced by 10 times
  • Fixed a bug in the combat system with incorrect calculation of the dodge bonus and accuracy.
  • Fixed a bug in the combat system with incorrect damage absorption by Shield Domes
  • Changed the way the game starts loading (this should speed up loading for all devices and fix a bug with scaling on mobile phones)
  • Fixed a bug due to which achievements for the contributions of Stellar Ore and Dark Matter were reset when leaving the alliance (progress was reset, the level was saved)
  • Added an alliance flag (in the future, each alliance will be able to independently configure its own flag)
  • The top menu has been completely redesigned. Changed the location of resources and sections.
  • Achievements, tasks, settings section has been moved to the Personal file section.
  • Added player avatars.
  • The planet's distance in the survey is averaged. Before that, the planet value was by default at minimum (as far as possible)
  • The distribution of points of received and inflicted damage in an SAB battle has been changed. Now damage / loss depends on the points of the fleet that the player has in battle.
  • Added 5 new achievements: Winning the Ruins Boss, Barbarian, Pirate, Destroyers. Strengthening Senators for Stellar Ore. Receiving referral rewards.
  • Removed transparency under mission and container windows.
  • Experience gain window has been added.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the control of the planet stopped working in the overview when entering some sections.
  • Removed 100% of the appearance of the contract for flights to Expedition.
  • Added a contract for flights to Expedition with a 100% chance of being created only up to player level 10.
  • The number of created contracts has been increased from 8 to 10.
  • Reduced the amount of Antimatter per vote from 3 to 2 AM.
  • Reduced the amount of Antimatter for Weekly tasks from 7 to 5 AM, for monthly tasks from 28 to 20 AM

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