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Отправлено 19 Март 2020 - 15:52



The new REBORN universe will open on 20/03/20 at 17:00 (Cet time)
The REBORN universe differs from other Xterium universes in its special game mode, which aims to score the most points in 12 rounds in the alliance tournament.
All game balance and speeds are tuned in such a way as to ensure the most dynamic game during these 12 rounds.
Every 14 days, starting from the second week of launch, an alliance tournament will be held, which aims to inflict the most damage points. At the end of 14 days, all players of the alliance who won the prizes will receive Antimatter.
But more importantly, the Alliance receives influence points:
  • 1st place - 9 points
  • 2nd place - 6 points
  • 3rd place - 4 points
  • 4th place - 3 points
  • 5th place - 2 points
  • 6th place - 1 point
Following the results of 12 rounds (6 months), the 3 best alliances of the universe will be determined. These alliances will receive a distinctive mark in the next round of the universe, the alliance planet and some level of fraction.
After 12 rounds and determining the winner, the REBORN universe is reset and a new round starts. At the same time, in the new universe, and the alliance of winners will remain and they will receive a planet of alliance in next round and the crown in the statistic page.
All game progress will be reset to zero, except for the antimatter.
All antimatter remaining at the end of the round is transferred to the next round in full. In addition, the player will receive additional antimatter based on the amount of damage that he suffered in the last round.



Since the development time in the REBORN universe is limited, many requirements and dark matter prices have been reduced. Full list of changes below:
  • The number of flights to hostil sector to increase the level of the enemy is reduced by 3 times
  • The chance to search for an arsenal on each enemy is 2 times lower (This due to a large excess of arsenals. Arsenals will become more valuable)
  • Bonuses of fractions increased 3 times (in addition, bonuses of the Talkor fraction were increased)
  • Particle accelerator's production increased by 100%
  • The price of senators is reduced by 2 times
  • The price of governors is reduced by 2 times
  • Fleet price using dark matter reduced by 2 times
  • Dark container cost reduced from 5.000 to 2.500 dark matter
  • Premium units price using dark matter reduced from x3 to x2
  • The price of the research "Brotherhood" reduced by 2 times (using dark matter)
  • Increased the dark matter received from the bonus button by 2 times
  • The price of antimatter reduced by 2 times
  • The actual acceleration (units per second) using conveyors will now be displayed.
  • The percentage of decrease in the arsenal level in case of unsuccessful upgrade has been changed from 4% to 3% 
  • Fleet flight speed increased from x10 to x13
  • The alliance bonus on the speed of building the fleet and defense now increases all conveyor bonuses. (100% bonus will increase the speed of building the entire Fleet and Defense by 2 times)
  • The extraction of resources on the planets of the second galaxy is doubled (due to the limited time in the REBORN universe, the planets will be created immediately, but their extraction will gradually increase over the first month)
  • The dark matter production on the planets of the second galaxy increased by 2 times
  • The number of planets of the second galaxy with the production of dark matter is doubled (due to the limited time in the REBORN universe, the planets will be created immediately, but their production will gradually increase during the first month)
  • Bonuses x03, x05 and x06 of the planets of the second galaxy have been increased
  • Exchange rate of Dark Matter for resources increased 4 times
  • Mining production increase factor returned to the baseline of 1.1, previously 1.113
  • All fleets and defences will initially built in 1 second
  • The price for the premium bonus for the extraction of resources has been changed.
  • Alliance creation price increased from 2000 to 5000 antimatter
  • The price of teleporting the planet increased by 5 times
  • Increased the price in resources for increasing the diameters of the moon and the planet 
  • Getting alliance points is 10 times more complicated.
  • Artificial moon creation cost increased from 20,000 to 250,000 dark matter
  • Moon creation cost increased from 100,000 to 10,000,000 metal 
  • Chance to find Academy Points in expedition reduced from 7% to 4%
  • Phalanx scan price increased from 5 to 25 dark matter
  • Resource Merchant Call Price increased from 25 to 100 dark matter

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