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[TUTORIAL] Creation of moons

xterium xterium.com strategic game how to create a moon moon ogame

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First of all, the moon is needed for the installation of jump gates, sensor phalanges, universities and for sending flights that other players do not see by the sensor phalanxes.
In order to create the moon you need organise on your planet a battle with atleast 1500 fleet points - this will give 20% chance of creation for the moon. How more debris the battle will generate, how greater the diameter of the moon will be.
If you have dark matter, you can hire the officer "Constructor", which can increase the maximum chance of the moon's appearance by 16% to 36% at the maximum level of this officer.
Hiring "Constructor" at level 15 (+ 16%) costs 1.000 dark matter. In addition, if you intend to create moons at the maximum chance, then you need to have more debris.
1% - 75 fleet points
20% - 1.500 fleet points - 400 large transports
36% - 2.700 fleet points - 720 large transports.
What do you need to do to get the moon? Construct the necessary number of ships, preferably large cargos and ask another player who can attack you, to demolish them.
Moon try permitted?
From the first time it can not work out, prepare resources for several attempts. If you have friends who have enough resources, you can build a fleet or defense, and ask your friends to send several attacks by sending large cargos to you, and you will return the resources spent.

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