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Frequently Asked Questions (Classic)

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#1 odiabile



  • International Team Xterium
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Posted 08 June 2019 - 11:59

1) How can I delete my planet?

You can delete you planet here, you can find the link to this page in Overview, cliking on this link seting2.png. Remember, you can't delete your main planet.


2) What is the Development Alliance?

Development Alliance is a special Alliance where all weak players can enjoy a lot of bonuses until they reach 5.000.000 points.

  • Attack [during the defense]: 150%
  • Armor [during the defense]: 150%
  • Shield [during the defense]: 150%
  • Total resource production: 300%
  • Total energy production: 300%
  • Resources saved after an attack: 20%
  • Peacetime experience received: 100%
  • Alliance Points obtained: 200%
  • Loss of defense in the debris: -10%
  • Defense Restoration: 5%
  • Discount on buildings: 10%
  • Defense Discount: 6%

3) How do I enter in the Alliance Development alliance?

Admission to this alliance is automatic, you need to send a request and will be automatically accepted! ALL players under 5.000.000 stats points are accepted.


4) Why don't I see the time before the destruction on my planet in galaxy 2?

This because you have become stronger. As you can see, You does not have all galaxy 2 systems available, the systems available depend on your position in Statistics. If you become stronger, you will have to change the systems from now on, so you can not extend this planet.


5) How long it takes for new planets to appear in galaxy 2 after they have been destroyed?

Every 4/5 hours


6) The server time it's not correct, what can I do?
You can change it in Options, clicking on this icon seting.png


7) How the production funds works?

The production fund allows to accumulate resources on the planet and gives a bonus to the production of resources up to 200%. The accumulated resources can be stolen by other players. Once you receive an attack on your planet, the production bonus is reset. 

What should I do to activate the production fund? Nothing, it is activated automatically, you can only deactivate it on the resource page.

Why should I turn it off? Simple, in the galaxy it is possible to see the active bonus on your planet and this could attract unwanted visits.

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#2 MasterKiller



  • Пользователь
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Posted 15 June 2019 - 10:31

How does it work the speed to capture planets on galaxy 2?
How can we decrease this time?
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#3 zoology



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Posted 15 June 2019 - 15:46

How does it work the speed to capture planets on galaxy 2?
How can we decrease this time?

You can't decrease this times, all capture times depending from capture numders (flying capture fleet and planet of 2th galaxy). First capture flying about 30 minutes after that all following capture fleet slow on 1.5 hours. Maximum you can capture 8 planet of galaxy 2. GG WP  :kolobok_biggrin:

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#4 MasterKiller



  • Пользователь
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Posted 16 June 2019 - 10:49

Thanks for confirmation. I see that any time the next one would take me longer. Then when the first planets were destroyed the time started to decrease!
Cheers mate for the info
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