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[TUTORIAL] Colonization

xterium xterium.com strategic game Colonisation

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Posted 24 April 2018 - 16:19

To be able to colonise extra planets, we need to study the research of "Colonization". Each level makes it possible to colonize one extra planet. 
To colonize the planet, we need to build a colony ship, and send it to an unoccupied place in the system.
Each place in the system occupied by your planet will give you a certain percentage of the bonus. You can see it by going into the galaxy and hovering the cursor over any number of the number of figures in the vertical direction.
Hot planets are closer to the 1st position, they have high energy production for solar satellites, but low deuterium production and low speed of buildings construction.
Cold planets are closer to the 12th position, with high deuterium production, but low energy production of solar satellites, low speed of buildings construction. 

The maximum number of fields that can be found during colonization is 250 .
My advice : In these realities, a better place in the system is the 7th, since it will give the biggest bonus on the speed of building construction. 
It is advisable to leave colonies from 230 fields.
In order to quickly find a planet with a large number of fields, I apply the method of "round dance" - I send several colonizers at different speeds and meet them at the time of arrival, removing the planets with a small number of fields.
On the 12th place for increased deuterium production, it is best to transfer the planet closer to the average level of development with the presence of mines 47/45/43 and fully pumped by technology.

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