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[TUTORIAL] Contracts

xterium xterium.com strategic game contracts

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Posted 24 April 2018 - 16:09

Successful attack - to conduct an attack on the active player, causing at least 1 unit of damage, beating him.
Successful attack (ACS) - to conduct an attack in ACS on the active player, inflicting even 1 unit of damage by defeating it.
Resource reaver - is to steal resources from the active player's planet.
Resource reaver (ACS) - to steal resources in the ACS from the active player's planet.
Moon destroyer - destroy the player's moon.
War points - You ally must collect War points, try to win the Tournament! 
Expedition missions - to make a certain number of departures in the Expedition.
Ruins missions - make a certain number of flights to Ruins.
Ruins excavation - collect a certain amount of resources (scrap + mining) in the Ruins.
Battles in Ruins - destroy a certain number of points of enemy fleet in Ruins.
Uber in ruins - to defeat bots in Ruins.
Search for Dark matter (Expedition) - to find a certain amount of dark matter in the Expedition.
Securing resources (Expedition) - find a certain amount of resources in Expedition.
Rescue mission (Expedition)  - to find a certain number of fleet points in the Expedition.
Recycle debris - recycle the wreckage for a certain amount of resources. The collected debris are transformed into deuterium with the exchange rate 4/2/1. If I collect 40 units of metal, only 10 units are marked in the contract
Ally assistance - you have to deploy your fleet as support to a your alliance friend
Contribute science to the alliance - to deduct a certain amount of science into the alliance with the help of the research "Development of the alliance", it is better not to take this contract, since it will take from 8 hours.

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