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Which update will be released soon?

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Опрос: What update will be released soon? (3 пользователей проголосовало)

What are you waiting for?

  1. Daily Tournaments (0 голосов [0.00%])

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  2. New Alliance Tournaments (1 голосов [33.33%])

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  3. Second Galaxy (0 голосов [0.00%])

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  4. Alliance player search page (2 голосов [66.67%])

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  5. New pack of blueprints for Pirates (0 голосов [0.00%])

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#1 odiabile



  • International Team Xterium
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Отправлено 15 Январь 2019 - 22:32

Soon there will be an update 1.3.0, this is a major update. This update will be aimed at changing the interface in the game, working out the system of training tasks and improving the registration system. Immediately after this update, we will run a large advertisement. All advertising companies are set up, it remains only to release update 1.3.0


What are you waiting for?


Daily Tournaments - it will replace the Personal Tournament but with two changes. The first is the time of the tournament, it will not be 7 days, but only 24 hours. In the tournament there will be no awards by stages, there will be only awards for prizes. In each division there will be 3 prizes. In this case, the rewards in the tournaments will be equal. At the moment, 8 divisions are planned. In each (except for the first) there will be ~ 50-80 players, in the first division there will be fewer players.


New Alliance Tournaments -   All alliances will be in the same division, but the number of prizes will not decrease. There will be 15 of them. At the same time, the winner will be determined not only by the number of scored points of war, but also due to the resources invested and the science spent on the alliance. Contributions of resources and science will be through contributions from the bank of the alliance. In this case, there will be a distribution of 100 or 1000 points for every 48 hours. That is, it will be calculated how much all alliances have caused damage, invested resources in buildings and science in the last 48 hours. After that, it will be calculated a % for each alliance, how much they invested resources from the total amount per server for 48 hours. Based on this, 1000 points will be distributed (1% will be equal to 10 points)

The winner will be determined based on the amount of points received for 14 days. The awards are planned to be higher than current ones (1st place - 1140 AM, 2nd place 970 Am, 3rd place 800 Am, 4th place 670 AM, 5th place 550 AM, 6th place 6750 TM, 7th place - 5500 TM ... 15th place 550 TM)


Second Galaxy - It is planned to finalize and introduce on a permanent basis the Battles of the second galaxy. The rules will be approximately the same as in the last round, but with some minor fixes in defence system. The fleet will be lost after each attack. This adds more strategy when properly configured and does not give complete domination for the player who has a lot of fleet. Previously, a player could alternately indiscriminately attack all players in a row that have no shield. 


Alliance players search page -  For a more convenient alliance search, a special page will be added on which the player will be able to place his application for an alliance search. On the page will be indicated his level in the game, the number of points of war that he received, and other indicators. Leaders of the alliance will be able to write a personal message to the player, where they can offer to join their alliance.


New pack of blueprints for Pirates - It is also planned to add another set of blueprints to search on the Pirates with a high level of research "Aggression of the Pirates". All these blueprints will give positive and negative bonuses. For example (an increase in shields but a decrease in attack. An increase in armor, but an increase in fuel consumption) there will also be bonuses for accurate shots, speed, etc.

Сообщение отредактировал odiabile: 16 Январь 2019 - 16:46

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